Behind Blue Coat: An update from Burma

Citizen Lab’s recent report, Behind Blue Coat: Investigations of commercial filtering in Syria and Burma, documented the use of technologies manufactured by U.S.-based Blue Coat Systems in Syria and Burma. That report identified these devices in Burma through error messages, hostnames and filtering behaviour which were linked to Blue Coat. This raised a number of questions about the use of U.S. -produced filtering technology in a country under strict U.S. trade sanction.

Since the publication of that report, there have been several new developments which provide further evidence that Blue Coat technologies are in use in the Burma. These new findings are documented in a new Citizen Lab blog post, Behind Blue Coat: An Update from Burma.

In recent weeks, users of Burmese ISP Yatanarpon Teleport have been presented with a network status message in their web browser which refers to Blue Coat systems. This message is consistent with the manner in which Blue Coat devices present notification messages to users. These findings contribute further evidence that Blue Coat devices are actively in use in Burma.

The Citizen Lab continues to call on Blue Coat to investigate these claims and take action to prevent the further use of its technology in Syria and Burma.

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